Stock feed in Canberra

Keeping your livestock well fed is the key to good animal welfare. Whether you’re raising sheep and alpacas for shearing, fattening up cows and pigs for market or keeping your chickens laying good eggs, good quality feeds help ensure the best results. That’s why Gibbs Farm Centre only stocks the best – we’ve been serving the community for almost 100 years so we’ve come to know what makes fleeces shine, beef marble and eggs lay right. So if you’re after stock feed in Canberra, Gibbs Farm Centre can cater for all your needs and keep your animals happy. Located just over the border in Crestwood, NSW, Gibbs Farm Centre is ideally placed to serve the needs of Canberrans, whether you’re a city farmer or sprawled over a hundred hectares.

A huge range of stock feed in Canberra

There are no one size fits all feedstock. Every animal has different needs – some need fodder while others need forage. That’s why Gibbs Farm Centre stocks a full range of stock feed for chickens, horses, sheep, cattle, goats, pigs, alpacas and many more. The range runs from simple feeds like hay to more complex chicken pellets and pig feed. Modern stock feeds provide excellent nutrition for all animal species and can greatly improve their health and wellbeing, contributing to better lifestyles. So if you’re after stock feed in Canberra, come check out the huge range of quality products at Gibbs Farm Centre. Best of all, all of it is available to buy in bulk at good prices, so you can stock up as much as you want.

Stock feed in Canberra for pets too

It’s not just livestock that need good feed. Our pets deserve the best food we can provide and Gibbs Farm Centre stocks a huge range of high quality pet foods, from wet eats to dry food. Our pet food range, available in bulk, will save you money and make sure pets like cats and dogs are well taken care of.

Gibbs Farm Centre: number one for stock feed in Canberra

Established in 1926, Gibbs Farm Centre has been helping people in the Canberra region take care of their animals with top quality stock feed sold at excellent prices. We pride ourselves on helping people achieve their goals with livestock, and providing high quality stock feed in Canberra is part of our enduring vision for friendly service and expert advice. So come out and see us at 5/7 Kendall Ave Crestwood NSW 2620, or call us on 02 6297 3151.