Rural fencing in Canberra

Good fences make good neighbours – especially in the Australian country where the risk of mixing up livestock or damaging each other’s crops can have big consequences. Thankfully, strong, secure rural fencing in Canberra is made easy with Gibbs Farm Centre’s huge range of top quality agricultural fencing products available for competitive prices. Our wide range of gates and rural fencing products runs from standard metal models to electrified units – all guaranteed to mark and protect your property’s boundaries and keep crops and livestock where they’re supposed to be. Fencing can be a difficult and time-consuming job. But with expert advice from the experienced team at Gibbs Farm Centre, you’ll be set up with the best equipment and strategies to make the job much more manageable and the end result much more durable.

Rural fencing in Canberra is vital for farming success

One of the most popular styles for rural fencing in Canberra is hingejoint fencing, which is designed to flex under stock pressure and then spring back. This highly durable and easy to install fencing style is readily available at Gibbs Farm Centre – just tell us how much you need and we’ll roll it out! In addition to hingejoint fencing, we also stock a wide range of fencing products tailored to the needs of different farm animals. Whereas hingejoint is suited to livestock like cows and sheep, if you’re keeping smaller animals like chickens and rabbits, you’ll need something a bit tighter. We stock a large selection of rabbit netting and chicken netting products that will protect them from predators and keep them corralled where you want them. And to allow easy access right across your property, Gibbs Farm Centre also carries many top quality farm gates with a range of closing styles.

Go with electric rural fencing in Canberra

Sometimes, standard fencing just isn’t enough though. That’s why we stock a comprehensive range of electric fences with all the accessories you’ll need. Come check out our range of energisers, tapes and cables, insulators and offsets, posts and tread-ins and much, much more. When you’re ready to electrify your rural fencing in Canberra, we’ve got you covered.

Gibbs Farm Centre: number one for rural fencing in Canberra 

Since 1926 Gibbs Farm Centre has been helping to keep working farmers properly fenced and secured. So come check out our huge selection of fencing products at 5/7 Kendall Ave Crestwood NSW 2620 or call us on 02 6297 3151. We can help you set up the boundaries you need with great prices and friendly service.