Herbicides in Canberra

Keeping your paddocks free from damaging weeds can be a challenging job. But if you use good quality herbicides and spraying equipment, the job is made much easier and faster and more effective, keeping weeds away for longer – even for good. Gibbs Farm Centre has been helping working farmers, hobby farmers and country people in the Canberra area cultivate the plants they want and get rid of the ones they don’t for nearly 100 years. Stocking a huge range of quality herbicides with a top selection of safety and spraying equipment, Gibbs Farm Centre is the go-to place for herbicides in Canberra.

Full range of herbicides in Canberra

Killing weeds and unwanted vegetation calls for the use of specialised herbicides. Not all herbicides work the same, so it’s important to know which product is best suited for the job you need to tackle. Gibbs Farm Centre has a wide range of herbicides available, covering everything from basic weed killers for the backyard to more advanced agricultural weed sprays for the paddocks. Weed control is a crucial part of running a successful rural property and our friendly staff can help you formulate a control plan using the best herbicides available from our quality range of herbicides in Canberra.

Spraying and safety equipment for herbicides in Canberra

But a herbicide is nothing without the right spraying equipment. Without the right tools for the job, those weeds aren’t going anywhere. That’s why Gibbs Farm Centre has massed a wide selection of spraying equipment, from small, highly portable spraying units to heavy-duty farm sprayers. Getting a hold of herbicides in Canberra is easy with Gibbs Farm Centre. Just come in, tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen. Best of all, we stock a huge selection of safety equipment to help ensure you can kill the weeds you want and ensure you stay safe while you work.

Gibbs Farm Centre supplies herbicides in Canberra

Life in the country is all about hard work and community. Since 1926, Gibbs Farm Centre has been helping country people work hard by providing high quality products at excellent prices, all delivered with friendly service and expert advice. We are very passionate about sourcing and selling only the best products and presenting them with great service and attention to detail. So for all your herbicide needs in Canberra, come see us at 5/7 Kendall Ave Crestwood NSW 2620. You can also call us on 02 6297 3151.