Farm animal health in Canberra

Keeping farm animals happy and healthy is an essential part of living and working on the land in Australia. At Gibbs Farm Centre, we’ve been helping raise the standards of farm animal health in Canberra for nearly 100 years, drawing on our expert knowledge and high quality range of agricultural products to find the right solutions for all our customers. From using deworming drenches to vitamin and mineral supplements, Gibbs Farm Centre has everything you could possibly need to ensure the highest standards of farm animal health in Canberra. Your farm’s livestock deserves the best protection, and we take pride in helping you ensure they get it – for a good price too!

Wide range of products for farm animal health in Canberra

Gibbs Farm Centre stocks a huge range of animal health products to cater for all creatures great and small. Be they sheep, horses, cattle, alpacas or chickens, we’ve got your farm animal health in Canberra needs covered. We stock a large variety of farm animal vaccines that will prevent outbreaks of harmful diseases and distressing conditions like footrot, salmonella and tetanus. A regular programme of vaccinations will keep your farm animals in top condition, ensuring a clean bill of health for your farm.

More than vaccines for farm animal health in Canberra

In addition to vaccines, Gibbs Farm Centre also offers a wide range of deworming products, as well as lice and flea control products and supplements. Putting it all together, we make farm animal health in Canberra a priority and have the expertise and product range to take care of whatever you need.

Gibbs Farm Centre ensures farm animal health in Canberra

So whether you need to drench some Merino hoggets or deworm a flock of chickens, Gibbs Farm Centre can meet all your farm animal health in Canberra needs. We’ve been in business since 1926 and helped countless working farmers, hobby farmers and enthusiasts vaccinate their animals and make sure they are free from worms, fleas and other pests. To further ensure good animal health, Gibbs Farm Centre also stocks a wide range of high quality animal feeds perfectly suited for all farm animals, including mineral and vitamin supplements to ensure the best results. So to keep your animals in good health, come check out our store at 5/7 Kendall Ave Crestwood NSW 2620 or call us on 02 6297 3151.